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University of Connecticut Case Study


As an instructional development unit within a large higher-education organization we develop both online and face-to-face courses as well as develop learning objects for use in our courses. For this we need to train incoming employees and enhance the skills of those already skilled in the educational software needed to do our work. With those who are more experienced, and the drive to produce more in the online environment, we needed to move to a greater collective knowledge base of programs like AS3 for Flash development.


We requested Train Simple’s Matt Pizzi as a trainer since we have participated in his workshops in the past. We like his interactive and conversational, learning-by-doing, approach that allows the learners’ participation in the course. We have all had other trainers and courses, but Matt Pizzi and Train Simple provide the most excellent, meaningful topics, well timed and sequenced content and activities by far than other courses and companies providing this sort of training.

After an in-class hands-on AS3 introductory workshop, we followed up with Train Simple’s new website of online training courses in AS3 and related topics. The online training allowed us to expand our knowledge in a self-paced environment. We were better able to work on our own precisely because of the interactive approach that made us part of the course in the initial hands-on lecture. The online training is crisp, clear with straight forward descriptions and the delivery by Matt Pizzi and the other trainers is especially effective because of this. The delivery is easy to follow because of their modulated voice control, well-timed recordings, and excellent screen capture synched with the superb audio.


With each new Train Simple course, whether hands-on or online, we are able to quickly move from the course into working on our own and actually developing the work products we need. Not only did the training help make this possible, but the excellent handouts and sufficient time allowed to take notes and ask questions made it possible for us to better integrate the knowledge.



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