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WordPress Theme Course

WordPress Building Custo...

In this course we'll cover how WordPress themes are constructed. Once you understand the structure, you'll build a wireframe for your own custom WordPress theme. Then you'll start adding design and visual interest to your themes. It's assumed you have some experience with Photoshop, HTML, CSS, and that you've completed our WordPress 4 Fundamentals course.

After Effects Tutorials

After Effects CC Buildin...

After Effects CC Building on the Fundamentals is the second part of our fundamentals training series. In this course you will learn how to take your After Effects skills to the next level by understanding animation techniques and 3D options available inside of the program.

Illustrator CC Tutorials

Illustrator CC Curvature...

This course will show you how to use new tools introduced in Illustrator CC 2014 to create artwork easier than ever before. The Curvature tool makes it very easy to create paths, and is great for new users who are frustrated with Illustrator's Pen tool. Laura Coyle will walk you through a simple project to show you the strengths of these new tools, and how to modify and alter paths using some standby Illustrator techniques.

WordPress 4 Training

WordPress 4 Fundamentals

WordPress Fundamentals shows how to get the most out of the self-hosted version of WordPress and create feature-rich blogs and web sites. This course reviews how to download, configure, and upload WordPress to your web host. Then you'll dive fully into the tools in WordPress, demonstrating how to set up your profile and create content. The course also includes tutorials on everything from adding images, external content, formatting, and hyperlinks. Watch these videos and learn how to create compelling web content that is easy to manage and update. A discussion on installing plug-ins and working with custom themes is also included.

InDesign CC Building on ...

This course goes beyond the basics of InDesign. Become more efficient inside of the program by learning how to properly manage, format, and transform objects. We also review how you can properly work with color; from process and spot colors, to managing color swatches and gradients. Learn to manage the appearance of your type by using character and paragraph styles. Finally, we'll review how you can present tabular data with tables, and how you can pull from your skills learned in this course and our InDesign CC Fundamentals course to design a business card.

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