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Muse CC Business Catalys...

Create a fully featured online business with Muse and Business Catalyst. Scott Reynolds will show you how to best leverage Business Catalyst to get the most out of your Muse site. He'll review support ticketing, customer management, e-mail marketing, e-commerce, and more.

HTML5 Video

HTML5 Audio & Video

In this course, expert author Geoff Blake teaches you the ins and outs of HTML5 audio and video. This course is designed for users that already have a basic understanding of HTML5. You will start by learning how to embed media into your webpages using the latest HTML5 methods, as well as how to make use of a multitude of fallback formats, ensuring that your audio and video will work in a variety of scenarios and devices. Geoff will also discuss additional options for handling your media, and including adding subtitles and captions. Finally, you will learn how to encode your files to ensure reliable playback on a variety of devices.

SpeedGrade CC Fundamentals

SpeedGrade CC Fundamenta...

Adobe SpeedGrade provides editors with professional-level color correction and grading tools. In this course, Chad Troftgruben guides you through the skills need to use the powerful color correction application. The course starts off with a tour of the interface, then shows how to import footage and start making color corrections using a variety of techniques. Chad will show you how you can successfully apply masking for creating that perfect look.

Illustrator CC for the Web

Illustrator CC for the W...

Learn how to create web graphics with Illustrator CC. Geoff Blake will talk about the differences between vector and bitmap graphics and the advantages of working with Illustrator. He'll also review the best ways to prepare your graphics for web delivery and the various options available to you for optimizing your artwork. Learn how to create different types of web effects and how to exploit Illustrator's SVG capability. Finally, Geoff covers how to use Photoshop and Illustrator together when it comes to working with web assets.

Story CC Training

Story CC Plus Fundamenta...

Story CC Plus Fundamentals is an introduction to the application which helps with production planning and screenwriting. The course covers how to setup a new project, understanding the functions available within the interface, and how to share and export your work. Along the way we'll review best practices when it comes to using Story for your projects and productions.

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