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Photoshop CC Tutorials

Photoshop CC Selections

This course covers how to effectively create selections inside of Adobe Photoshop. Mastering selections is the first step in becoming a good Photoshop user. We cover a wide range of topics from basic selection concepts like feathering and anti-aliasing to more advanced selection techniques using the Color Range command and nested masks. We wrap up the class by looking at some practical uses of selections like creating targeted adjustments and compelling photo composites.

Creative Cloud Tutorials

Creative Cloud Overview

This course is designed to show you how to get the most out of Creative Cloud. Learn how to store your files in the cloud and seamlessly sync them to your computer or mobile devices. We also review some of the different services that are available to you as a Creative Cloud subscriber.

Bridge CC Training

Bridge CC Fundamentals

Adobe Bridge allows you to browse files, manage photos, and archive graphics. In Adobe Bridge CC Fundamentals we review all the ways you can navigate your file system with Bridge, as well as tips for staying organized. This application is ideally suited as a companion to many Creative Cloud applications, as it allows you to visually find content in far more robust and engaging manner than what's available on a standard operating system.

Flash Training

Flash CC Character Anima...

Flash Character Animation Fundamentals will teach you how to successfully create cartoon characters using the drawing tools inside of Flash. Once you have the artwork complete, we’ll look at the best way to create a walk cycle using the timeline and various animation techniques. Additionally, we’ll look how we can add interest to the project by animating a background using parallax scrolling effects as well as adding sound. The course assumes you’ve completed Flash CC Fundamentals on Train Simple, or have equivalent Flash experience.

Dreamweaver Training

Dreamweaver CC Building ...

This course allows you to further your Dreamweaver and web design skills. We review how to code inside of Dreamweaver, work with tables and tabular data, streamline workflows by using templates, and how to incorporate using interactive content like audio and video.

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