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InDesign CC Mastering Ty...

Text is as at the heart of nearly every InDesign project. Fitting, then, that InDesign is the world's most advanced type-setting platform. With all the text setting, styling, and manipulation power present in InDesign, it's entirely possible--indeed, PROBABLE--that a few of those powers have slipped beneath your notice. That's what Mastering InDesign Type and Text with Pariah Burke is about. What follows are tips, tricks, and techniques to help you find and use ALL of InDesign's text powers.

Illustratoring with Laur...

Join Laura Coyle as she walks you through time saving tips and techniques she's developed over the years as a freelance Illustrator. Each video will focus on a specific technique or trick that you can quickly apply to your own work. Be sure to check back often as this course is updated regularly with new videos. Laura has more tips and tricks on her website

WordPress E-Commerce

WooCommerce is a popular plugin for working with WordPress. In this course Geoff Blake will guide you through how to install and work with the plug-in. Along the way he'll review important concepts when setting up a site such as merchant processing and security. Towards the end you'll learn how to handle other e-commerce options like shipping and taxes.

InDesign CC Mastering Objects

InDesign CC Mastering Ob...

This on-going course from Pariah Burke will give you dozens of tips, tricks, and techniques to help you master working with InDesign Objects. Come back often as Pariah adds new tips, tricks, and techniques often.

Premiere Pro CC Multi-Cam Editiing

Premiere Pro CC Multi-Ca...

In Premiere Pro CC Multi-Camera Editing, you will learn how to take your video shoots to the next level by shooting action with multiple cameras at once, and then editing that footage together for a dynamic multiple angle viewing experience. Ryan Magner will take you through a behind the scenes look at setting up and shooting a multi-camera video with DSLR cameras and high quality audio recording, processing and synchronizing the footage, and then editing with Premiere Pro CC’s multi-camera editing view. Learning how to shoot and efficiently edit multi-camera footage will add a powerful indispensable skill to your video-making tool belt.

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