How to Remove Unused Clips in Premiere Pro CC

Removing unused footage from your Premiere Pro projects can save you a lot of hard drive space. Premiere has a feature that makes this very easy. If you're looking in A Cam view in the project panel, it's very easy to see which clips are being used in a sequence and which ones aren't. For instance this clip here is being used in a sequence and you can tell because of this blue symbol down here. Wh... [More]

Download Adobe Encore CS6 with Creative Cloud

When you've completed editing a video in Premiere Pro, you may want to burn it to a DVD or a Blu-ray. You can do this by downloading Encore CS6 from the Creative Cloud application. If you go to the Creative Cloud icon and go to the apps window, we can scroll down to the Find Additional Apps section, then go to the filter drop-down, and choose View Previous Versions. In here, we can click Premiere ... [More]

Premiere Pro CC Master Clips

Adding effects to master clips in Premier Pro can save you a lot of time. Let me show you what I mean. So I've started this project and I've added this movie file to the sequence and I've made several cuts to it. I really want this piece of footage to be black and white. Now instead of adding the black and white effect to every clip in this sequence, I can instead add it to the master. So by bring... [More]

20% Adobe Creative Cloud Photography Plan!

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Lightroom Tip: Using the Previous Button

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